• About Us

    The Association Of Muslim Professionals (AMP) was formed in 1988 through the efforts of some Muslim graduates of the Muslim Students Association of Nigeria (MSSN) of Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) Ile-Ife. The Association soon went into limbo after formation but was revived in 1993, attracting a wider membership of the Muslim ummah outside of its original promoters.

  • Evolution of AMP

    AMP evolved from the urge to continue the religious companionship of the pioneering members after their graduation from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State. Their efforts was to fill the vacuum they noticed after taking up employment in Lagos as young graduates. Several attempts were made in the late 80’s to start the Association, but was not until 1993 that the efforts came to fruition. The Association was registered on the 19th February 1999 by Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration No: 11,826. The Association then placed advertisement in the Punch Newspaper, seeking to enlist Muslim Professionals as Members.

    Members of the association held a strategic session on February 7, 2021 to reposition AMP for challenges of the next millennium.

  • Mission Statement

    To be a foremost Professional Association focusing on Dawah and the spread of Pristine Islamic Tenets as contained in the Qur’an, Hadith and the understanding of the Sahabah and the scholars of the Deen who followed in their footsteps.

  • Strategic Focus

    Some of the strategic focus of the association are to;

    • Create a Platform for using Dawah for intervention in both private and public sector social responsibility programmes
    • Promote members welfare through regular spiritual and family oriented programmes
    • Groom and develop the Youths for take-over from the founding fathers of the association through regular training, internship and personal development.
    • Expand the sources of funding for its Dawah and other programmes through individual and corporate sponsorship.
  • Our Aims & Objectives

    • • To create a forum for bringing Muslim Professionals together for the exchange of ideas and to foster unity amongst humanity.
    • • To promote the practice of Islam and encourage seeking of Islamic knowledge among members.
    • • To engogo boniantropic and social activities aimed at promoting the cause of islam.
    • • To promote extensive research with a view to providing an alternative option to the present social and commercial situation.
    • • To invest in commercial activities with a view to using the proceeds for the promotion of Islam.
    • • To engage in other activities reasonably incidental and advantageous to the realization of the above objects.
  • Founding Members and Officers

    The founding members, Presidents and Missioners of the association have continued to play significant roles in directing the vision and maintaining smooth transition of the Executive Organs. These members include;

    # Fullname Position
    1. Sheikh Ahmed Adepoju Founding Member/Past President
    2. Mallam Nurain Olatunji Past President
    3. Alhaji Ibrahim Onaleye BOT Member
    4. Alhaji Zakariyyah Past President
    5. Sheikh AbdulJaleel Olori-Aje Imam/Past President
    6. Alhaji Muftau Osuolale Past President
    7. Alhaji Kamarudeen Oladosu Past President
    8. Alhaji AbdulRasheed Onisabi Past President
    9. Alhaji Mohammed Salaudeen Current President
    10. Sheikh Daud Adelakun Imam/Chief Missioner
  • Board of Trustees

    The following are the Board of Trustees of the AMP.

    • Sheikh Ahmed Adepoju • Alhaji Ibrahim Onaleye
    • Sis. Fausiyah Bamgbise • Alhaji Abdul Fattah Hassan
    • Alhaji Abdul Rasheed Onisabi • Prof Fola Lasisi
    • Alhaji K. A. Rahman
  • Executives

    The Executive Committee (Exco) is the highest decision making organ of the Association that make decisions on the day-to-day running of the Association. The list of Exco members and their positions for the1442/1443AH Islamic Year are below.

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