• Programmes

    AMP programmes run on the basis of the Hijrah Calendar. The programme schedule for the 1443 AH are as follows;

    1. • Public Lectures - are held periodically targeting both members are non-members of the association. The Association in the 1443 A.H held its public lecture with the theme: The Significance of the Month of Muharam delivered by Sheikh Abdul Jeleel Olori-Aje.
    2. • Ramadan Programmes – Joint Iftar, Tafsirs, Itikaf are conducted annually during the month of Ramadan. Aparts from our member participation, we also use the opportunity for our Ramadan Feeding/Charity Programme to reach out to the poor, orphan, widows and economically disadvantaged members of the society.
    3. Health Talk – The health talk is a bi-annual program of the Association which are organized to sanitize members about various health challenges, precautions and cure. A medical doctors and Pharmacists are invited to give the necessary information in addition to conducting free tests like blood pressure, blood sugar, eye test etc for members and other participants at the programme.
    4. Family Dua/Usrah – The Family Dua/Usrah program is anchored by the imams within the Association to improve the spiritual diets of members. The Imam treat Fiqh, Sirah etc. In order to achieve maximum attendance of members, the Usrah was centralized in two namely
  • Meetings

    1. • Annual General Meetings – Once a year. The next AGM is scheduled for September 5th, 2022 at the LCCI Building, CBD, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.
    2. • Quarterly Meetings – It is held quarterly, at least twice each year
    3. • Sisters Forum – Monthly meetings, regular members house visitations and participation in family events
    4. • AMP Youth Wing – Online meetings and Youth Engagements